Analyzing these formulations, it can be noted that the first of them considers health in statics as something given, i.e. health or is, or it is not.
Casino Online sees in health the harmonious interaction and functioning of all organs and systems of a person with his physical perfection and normal psyche, allowing him to actively participate in socially useful work.

The second Casino represents health in dynamics, shows that health is formed as the body develops; moreover, the definition emphasizes that health is genetically programmed.


And whether the program is being implemented depends on specific biological and social factors (i.e., the surrounding biological environment and upbringing), under the influence of which a person will live and develop.

Obviously, here we are talking about the fact that health, although it has innate prerequisites (positive or negative), is nevertheless formed during a long ontogenesis, starting from the moment of fertilization of the egg (conception).

One of the founders of space biology and medicine P.M. Baevsky (1979) considered the body's adaptability to be the determining factor of health: "The ability of the human body to adapt to changes in the environment, freely interacting with it, based on the biological, psychological and social essence of a person."


Free slots casino games in the concept of "health" includes an assessment of the level of functional capabilities of the organism, the range of its compensatory-adaptive reactions in extreme conditions, ie. the ability to adapt to the increased requirements of the environment without pathological manifestations. So, taking into account the biosocial essence of a person, Yu.P. Lisitsyn (1986) considers human health as a harmonious unity of biological and social qualities due to innate and acquired mechanisms.

Slot machine defines human health as the process of preserving and developing his biological, physiological and psychological capabilities, optimal socialflax activity at maximum life expectancy.

At the same time, attention is drawn to the need to create such conditions and such hygienic systems that would ensure not only the preservation of human health, but also its development.

Online casino gambling studying human biological rhythms, concludes that health is an optimal ratio of interrelated endogenous rhythms of physiological processes and their correspondence to external cyclic changes.

The famous cardiac surgeon N.M. Amosov (1987) considered health as “the level of the body's functional capabilities, the range of its compensatory-adaptive reactions in extreme conditions, i.e. the level of reserve capacities of the organism ”.

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Currently, there is no experimental justification slots by E.N. Weiner's definition of health: “Health is a state of the organism that gives a person the opportunity to maximally realize his genetic program in the conditions of the sociocultural existence of a casino slots person” (E.N. Weiner, 1998).

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However, not only the degree of implementation of the human genetic program, but also the functional purpose of genes has not yet been studied.